Monday, November 3, 2008

Eight 'Unbelievable' Tips to Increase your site traffic.

Okay... I'm sorry because I'm not updating my blog in several days. I had a lot work to do in my campus.

Here now, I'll give you eight steps to increase your website traffic. It's just eight but I believe if you implement these steps, there will be a huge increase with your traffic... Why?? because I already proved it with my self, not all of the steps just several steps that I think it's easy and I can do it...

Here is the eight unbelievable tips:
1. Try to make e-zine (e-magazine) in your site. Because magazine make people back to your website periodically.

2. Make an Online Community in your site, e.g. chatroom, where your site's visitor can share many information each other.

3. Everyone like 'freebies'. So give them free gift that you allowed them to share that gift to their friend. But, don't forget to include your website link in the gift. Usually to make it more easier, it can be software, e-book, etc.

4. Do Blogwalking. But don't just read another blog and leave it, you must give comment about their blogs and don't forget to give your signature (where they can find your website link there).

5. Exchange Link with another sites that have same content like your site (it doesn't matter if they have different topics but it's more better if its topic same).

6. Advertise your site, from pay per click programs, text link ads, etc.

7. Make Articles and give it to site that receive and collect articles.

8. Make a relation with people by answer their question in forums, mailist, groups, etc.

That's all several tips I know and really works for me.. If you have another tips that work too, I'm very appreciate if you want to share with us...

To your success...

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