Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How to Boost Your Blog Traffic? [Improving SEO]

As we know Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important thing to do to success in Internet Marketing. The main problem when you do SEO is you do not know what is your purpose to do it. If we do so, SEO will take a lot of time and spend much money without improvement in our website traffic. But, if you do it 'right', SEO will become a very helpful tool to improve your website traffic and of course, improve your business too.

The purpose of SEO is very simple, to attract many 'unique' visitors to your website. Unique visitors in this article refer to the right visitors that come to your website because of they want to know about some topics at your website. They will comeback to your site if they also find your website unique and special.

Here is a few part of article from that I think have same 'perspective' with my opinion and it's good to be shared.
"You can specialize in a niche subject as long as you have an idea of how many people might be interested in that subject. If you do well with your niche subject matter, you could get some crazy traffic for being the only decent blog online with that type of content. On the other hand you could have widely used content, such as some aspect of technology, but add your own twist with your opinion or comparing/contrasting from other tech analysts. People won’t go to your website to read something they could have read on Cnet or Tom’s Hardware, they want a unique take on it. If you learn anything from this article, I hope its that reblogging is a very bad thing. The one thing to kill your traffic is having identical content to another several hundred blogs. I suggest taking a glance at Mr. Veloso’s Evils of Constant Reblogging to get a better idea. Finding out what your content should be is a key element of your blog’s identity and the type of image your blog will ultimately emit."

Back to SEO again, SEO is not the way how to we collect many keyword list that possible. So our website will be listing in every word that people search. Many people trying to get higher Google rank by this way. But, I think it's wasting to much time and it's rather difficult to do because it's very complex so it makes us tired to do.

The important thing in SEO is how to get the right keyword for your website so your site can be listed and it turns your visitor to buyers.

So, here is few steps to improve your SEO:
+ Make A Great Website
This is the important thing to do, because as it has stated before, your visitors will come to your site if they feel "This Site is great". Make your site design attractive will be a good idea too..

+ Find The Right Keyword
How to find it?? I suggest you to try Pay-Per-Click from Yahoo and Google that have been so popular these days. You can also try KeywordToolExternal from Google.
To know where you can find it for free, just contact me or leave comment here..

+ Optimize your Website with the Keyword
After you have find the keyword, you can start to optimize it by improving your website rank through this keyword. I also recommend you to do optimizing without any money from pocket. Because when you have success by yourself it would be easier when you want to do it again.

In my conclusion, SEO will be very helpfull if you concentrate with the right purpose. SEO is your Business improvement, not getting to much traffic that give you nothing. Focusing to the type visitors you want and the right keyword. I hope, you'll do your work effectively and get higher profit too.

To Your Success..

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